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Bangladesh Navy (BN) traces its origin during the great war of independence in 1971. Its long arduous journey started with only two converted gunboats and few sailors. Today BN stands tall as a formidable three-dimensional navy with surface, sub-surface, and air elements, poised to deliver credible deterrence across the full spectrum of conflict.

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BN has now established herself as the lead maritime security agency to defend the national maritime sovereignty in peace and war. Undoubtedly, such feats and achievements are the resultant contributions of all our predecessors specially of those Admirals, who led the navy with prudence and vision. They are our former Chiefs of Naval Staffs, who have spearheaded the gradual development of the navy from the scratch through their professional excellence and perseverance glorifying the image of the navy at home and abroad. They have commanded the navy with dignity, honour and pride, setting examples for all of us.


Lady wives of the former Chiefs of Naval Staffs held the very important portfolio as the President of Bangladesh Navy Family Welfare Association (BNFWA). They have been instrumental in instituting welfare measures to improve the quality of life of the naval families. With commitment, dedication and farsightedness they have led the association to evolve into a robust welfare organization founding multifarious bold and timely welfare ventures for the naval fraternity. This Hall of Fame is an endeavor to commemorate and pay tribute to all the former Chief of Naval Staffs and Presidents of BNFWA.