Guest House


Architectural design:

Contemporary is the approach. the architects define their work as contextual and practical, Never leaning toward the excessive, their use of material is hugely understated.
Their architectural design work exhibit planning, which fits into a sense of time and place and is contemporary, not just interns of materials. An important ingredients of all their designs is the manipulation of Volume a special quality., which attempts to contently surprise and create visual stimulation of the user. the efficiency of their design is measured in terms of both material uses as well as planning. not given to excesses, they follow a stringent dictum of designing in context and adhering to brief.

Chittagong Boat Club Guest House

Architectural Consultancy:

Strictly against commercialization of architecture, they have been lucky to do without the conventional building project. Optimistic about the future breed of architects, they trio feel hat today. though design senses are heightened, the technological knowledge offered in college education is not enough. the inquiring nature of today’s youth will be a strong catalyst.

About the current scenario, they unanimously voiced that, the largest deterrent in a project is the level of finishing achieved versus the high expectations of the designer. they perceive the lace of professional ethics amongst the building industry, by both architect and contractors, as the only hindrance to architectural practice.

ClientChittagong Boat club

Exterior Views

Structural Consultancy:

Though very selective about all their projects, they feel that every project, however small , is an opportunity in disguise. Having consciously built up their practice., they are focused about their design ideas. though keen on satisfying the clients viewpoint, ultimately appropriateness overpower personal taste.

The entrance canopy is characterized by the use of black painted


Building design

Exterior design

Location of the CBC Guest House:

The resort is 10 minutes drive from Hazrat Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong. It is 15 minutes drive to Patenga sea beach.