Coffee shop:

The CTG Club Coffee shop is designed to be a space where club members can enjoy their coffee and conversations to the fullest. Comfortable seating units in white, and walnut colored coffee tables create cozy spots to enjoy coffee in. The seating units are in mixed style to allow all sets of customers from small to large groups a chance to use the space. From dining chairs and restaurant benches to wall leaning benches and cushy armchairs, the interior design caters to families who needed a quick cup of coffee, friends relaxing and groups brainstorming together.

Coffee shop of Chittagong Club Limited

ClientThe Chittagong Club Limited

Coffee Shop interior and Exterior design :

The Coffee Shop interior and Exterior design  makes use of natural materials to bring about this relaxed atmosphere. The parquet flooring is matched by the decor in wood, with columns covered in light wood. The extensive use of wood along with the lighting used gives the space a warm and refined look. The large coffee counter uses natural stones to continue the theme with a change in materials and textures. Bookshelves in white cater to those who need some time to unwind over coffee

Coffee Shop Interior Exterior :

The use of white and dark brown establishes a space that immediately brings coffee to mind. The design creates a space that uses large glass doors and additional outdoor seating to allows customers to enjoy the view. The light colored materials along with the glass windows extend an open feel to the cafe, allowing customers the best of both worlds.
Coffee Shop interior Design
The location of the Chittagong club is on the beautiful natural hill and in the heart of the city. The Chittagong Club is one of the most prominent and prestigious social clubs in Bangladesh .The Club continues to uphold its reputation as the foremost institution of its kind in the country.