Bonanza Port Restaurant

Chittagong Port

About Bonanza Port Restaurant

Bonanza port Restaurant is located just beside the Chittagong Port Authority Office. It has got a different outlook than most restaurant in Chittagong. The place is situated a little out of the city crowd. it’s got a nice quiet environment there. The scenery around it is beautiful. So it has all the required points for it to be a romantic place. The place is big and spacious. The seating arrangements are good. You will get a nice comfy environment there.

ClientChittagong Port Authority

Bonanza Port Restaurant

Its a great restaurant for officials and people working Bandar Bhaban or custom house. It’s open for all. Good place for wedding and family gathering.


Bonanza Port restaurant

Have glass walls. Silent and Noise free, Cool & hospitable. Many trees around. you can see monkey on the roof top of a building. During Baishakh you can see green mangoes hanging around here.  Waiting for food will see lots of green and comforting for eyes.