Apple Store


Apple Store

The iconic Apple store interior design is remade for Dhaka in this design. The popular brand needed a space to showcase their products while taking inspiration from the original Apple store interior design.
The design features a minimalistic approach putting the products at the forefront. The walls are colored in grey and given a glossy finish to reflect more light. The shelves are kept simple and continue the grey aesthetic of the store. Devoted screen spaces provide ample space for advertisements about the new products and features, while adding a tech aspect to the design.

interior design

A standing table in white is provided near the wall for desktop units display and one on one services, matching with the cashier counter in white. The large product display tables modify the standard Apple tables to be standing height for more comfort to the users, and uses a white tabletop surface on wooden legs. This creates a style that add warmth to the design while pairing into the minimal aesthetic of the store. The white table tops also create a blank space where the products shine best, allowing better display solutions.

Apple Store Interior Design

Minimal aesthetic store design

The apple store interior design meets the needs of the brand while giving a new look at the same time, creating a modern interior design that speaks volumes about the brand. Creating the top store design in Dhaka was important to the brand, and we ensured that it is met.
Apple store

Modern store interior design in Dhaka

The location of the store is in between Gulshan one and two.