Allied Diagnostic Center – Interior Design

Sonargaon, Dhaka

Diagnostic center:

The Allied Diagnostic Center design involved a complete Interior design package that came up with solution for spaces from the reception to the waiting area and boardrooms. The aim was to come up with the finest interior design in Bangladesh for the Diagnostic Center. The design used a light color palette of white tiles, marble and light brown wood finishes. These were accented with grey and black wherever necessary. The light color palette ensured that the space is calming and not overstimulating which was important for a healthcare center. The white tiles on the floor were accented with grey borders and patterns. the white marble bought a sense of opulence to the space and drew importance to spaces such as the reception, guiding the customers through design and interior decoration.

Interior Design

ClientAllied Diagnostic Limited

A small waiting area near the reception with comfortable white couches set the tone for the entry interior area. The other waiting areas used chairs in metal, which were chosen for its light look, durability and easy maintenance.

Diagnostic center

The light wooden paneling on the walls were made brighter with a white strip running through it and the addition of indoor plants in key areas. Partitions in the waiting areas made use of wooden fins and glass, creating a cohesive design style.

Interior Design

Customer care area

The boardroom was designed with white walls that are covered in natural light during the day thanks to the large windows. A rectangular boardroom table in dark wood was set in the middle, with chairs all around. The meeting space was further decorated with paintings and plants. the interior space is very much workable and comfortable and functional. Intelligently managed 100% space to design to implementation the diagnostic center.