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How important is it for real estate developers and property managers to incorporate sustainable design elements into their buildings? Unfortunately for real estate developers and property managers, the biggest culprits of energy exploitation are buildings.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, buildings account for about half of the world’s electricity consumption, 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, 25% of the world’s pure drinking water, and more than 20% of the solid waste generated in developed countries. Discouraging such statistics, it has become critical for architects and real estate firms to integrate energy efficient features into their efficient designs in an effort to reduce environmental degradation. This is especially important for larger structures such as multifamily features. Tenants are also becoming aware of the need for green design in construction and are gradually needing more environmentally friendly materials in their dwellings.

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1.) Daylighting

One of the most important steps in a low-energy design approach is to reduce the use of artificial lighting. This can be done by increasing the size and size of the windows in each apartment, allowing adequate sunlight from the outside to illuminate the interior without the need. For example, in the House de arch Luxury Apartments in Basundhara, many units feature ceiling-to-ceiling windows, reducing the need for any artificial lighting during the day. This subsequently reduces electrical costs which is usually preceded by the use of lightblobs.

2.) Energy Efficient Appliances

An easy way to incorporate green features into your multifamily property is to add energy efficient equipment. In HDA, residents can enjoy energy efficient washers and dryers in their apartments, significantly reducing water and electricity consumption. Due to the use of water, residents enjoy the ability to do laundry without earning hundreds of dollars in utility fees. Adding energy-efficient lightblobs as opposed to ordinary fluorescent lighting can also reduce electric costs by more than electric 65 a year. Low-flow showerheads, another asset feature, can save শা 145 per year on electric showerheads. With multiple features, including hundreds of residents, it can save thousands of dollars per year!

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3.) Reprocessed Resources

When searching for building materials, consider using recovered materials such as wood or previously used bricks to complete the construction, rather than reducing further resources. Returning to LED certification affects potential residents by using wood gain points, preventing further damage to the environment, being costly for developers, and promising to improve your property.

4.) Low VOC Paint and Carpets

A study completed by the EPA found that levels of certain organic pollutants are two to five times higher than those outside the home.This is due to the volatile organic compounds found in many paints and carpets that negatively affect air quality and the health of the people around it. By using paints and carpets with low-level VOCs, air conditions are improved, and the health of residents is enhanced.

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5.) Reflective Roofs

Consider adding a roof to your development with a higher solar reflection index . These roofs reflect more solar heat than roofs with low SRI, subsequently lowering the interior temperature of the building and reducing the energy requirement temperature requirements, keeping energy costs low.The most effective building designs are those that are completed with durable features included in each case of the construction process.

For manifold features that trap hundreds of occupants and consume large amounts of energy per day, it is important to install environmentally friendly and energy efficient components to minimize costs and energy use.The benefits of short-term spending, less environmental damage and satisfied residents make it a clear and smart choice to add green elements to your property.