creative kitchen design with smart look
Creative kitchen design with smart look: When designing a creative kitchen with smart look, it is important to focus on both form and function. Smart storage solutions, such as pull-out cabinets and hidden appliances, can help to keep the kitchen clutter-free and maximize space. A multi-functional design that incorporates innovative appliances, such as a combination...
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bedroom interior
Decorat a bedroom interior: Decorating a bedroom interior is a great way to create a comfortable and personalized space. Here are some steps you can take to decorate your bedroom: Start with a color palette: Choose a color palette that reflects your personal style and creates a relaxing ambiance. You can choose colors that complement...
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design a master bedroom
Design a master bedroom: Designing a master bedroom is an exciting and rewarding process, but it can also be challenging. There are several factors to consider when designing this important space in your home, including the size and layout of the room, the personal style and preferences of the occupants, and the functionality of the...
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interior of a square drawing room
When designing the interior of a square drawing room, there are several key elements to consider: Furniture placement: Arrange the furniture in a way that creates a natural flow and allows for easy movement throughout the room. Avoid overcrowding the space with too much furniture. Lighting: Use a combination of overhead lighting and lamps to...
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Executive inn
Guest House The guest house building design plan is part of a larger residential complex and was commissioned by the Up industrialist, for accommodating special personal and company guests, The requirements were of a private suite with a sitting room, verandah bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchenette. The guest house is divided by the driveway...
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The firm design for an office interior design company in Bangladesh, which bagged the premier position in its respective category. First Prize Winner office interior design Photographs Courtesy: the architect February 2000 An architecture in not always an exercise in Aesthetics or a question of building dream houses In practice, all architects don’t have the...
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