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Guest House

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The guest house building design plan is part of  a larger residential  complex and was commissioned by the Up industrialist, for accommodating special personal and company guests, The requirements were of a private suite with a sitting room, verandah bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchenette. The guest house is divided by the driveway from the main residence and occupies a corner in the garden next to the main gate In that context, the guest house building is treated like a sculpture in the garden when witnessed from the main house. The spaces are arranged in a manner that there is a hierarchy of res. The verandah is the public area, the sitting room and bedroom – semi-private, and the elevated bed next to the wind tower, becomes the 3D Private space. The form constitutes a series of curved spaces spiraling towards the core of the building, the wind tower. The design build construction is in exposed brickwork with reinforced cement concrete slabs and shells. All surfaces are rich in texture and colour with red brick walls, mixed stone polished terrazzo flooring, textured granite counters and etched glass indaws. As the building would only be used occasionally, the furniture was created with stone i ick to reduce maintenance. design build construction,

building design plan

Fused with the built form are the environmental principles that form the backbone of the design A natural air cooling system comprising an underground air tunnel and the wind tower has been used to passively bring down the bedroom temperature. The air enters the tunnel through an inlet in the garden about 40ft away from the building, and gets cooled while traversing the tunnel due to lower soil temperatures. It enters the bedroom from the lower part of the wind tower. A natural suction is created in the bedroom as the spiral shell guides the rising hot air to the foul air outlet at the highest point in the wind tower. The solar chimney aids this phenomenon by creating negative pressures in the wind tower Though this system is capable of providing adequate air exchange in the room, an exhaust fan has also been provided in the bedroom air inlet for accelerating the air in the underground tunnel, whenever required.
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The fenestration pattern follows daylight requirements in the various spaces. The northern facade has the highest percentage of fenestration, the lowest being on the western side. The living room opens to the north side verandah. When closed, the roof slits and fixed etched glass on the mantelpiece maintain the level of daylight. The main windows in the bedroom are towards the east. When curtains are drawn, the round etched glass windows around the bed act as the source of glare-free daylight.
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