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logo s ARCA Japan House De Arch is the Authorized Distributor of ARCA in Bangladesh.

BeauLet® (Electric Bidet)

Shower toilet culture that began in Japan, delivered to the world. 

We (ARCA) are engaged in BeauLet® (Electric Bidet) business to deliver the shower toilet culture that began in Japan to the world.

By storing our own developed storage batteries in toilet seat, we implemented toilet seat heat retention, warm water temperature adjustment, warm air drying function and power saving. In recent years, demand has increased in China and other Southeast Asian countries other than Japan, and the market size is also increasing year by year.

BeauletEspecially in countries where clean water and electricity are not supplied enough, people have been paying attention to the fact that functions such as warmth toilet, warm water washing, hot air drying and automatic deodorization which they have never experienced before can be used with energy-saving and comfortably.

We would like to continue to deliver the Japanese clean toilet culture to Bangladesh and to be a bridging company between Japan and Bangladesh connected by the toilet.

Beaulet 3



beaulet_ym01_01               Beaulet         beaulet_ym01_05   beaulet_ym01_04

How to install BeauLet® YM-01



beaulet_km01_01           beaulet km01 02 ARCA Japan






 beaulet_km03_02 beaulet_km03_01 beaulet km03 04 ARCA Japan beaulet km03 03 ARCA Japan




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