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House De Arch provides cutting-edge architectural design services that redefine spaces and set new standards. Our skilled architects develop conceptual designs and construction documentation with precision. From commercial to residential projects, we create structures that combine creativity, efficiency, and attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to excellence.


House De Arch offers exceptional interior design services that transform spaces into captivating experiences. Our skilled team of designers creates innovative and functional solutions tailored to your unique needs. From conceptualization to implementation, we turn your vision into reality, making every space a masterpiece of style and sophistication.

Real Estate

House De Arch is your trusted partner for real estate services, from designing and constructing exceptional apartment buildings to offering them for sale to discerning customers. Our expertise in architectural finesse, efficient planning, and top-notch construction ensures that every apartment building we deliver exceeds expectations, making it a valuable investment for our clients.

Founder's Message

Welcome to House De Arch (HDA) – Where Dreams Converge with Reality!Mohammad Sahab Uddin Shipon
I’m Mohammad Sahab Uddin Shipon, the driving force behind HDA. Our passion lies in transforming spaces into captivating realities. With a strong emphasis on innovative design and flawless execution, we bring imagination to life. At House De Arch, we believe that every structure tells a unique story, and we’re here to help you tell yours. Join us on this exciting journey of turning visions into remarkable spaces that leave an enduring impact.
Thank you for choosing House De Arch.

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  • Comprehensive Services: From design to procurement and project management, House De Arch offers a one-stop-shop for all architectural, interior design, and construction needs.
  • Expertise: Customers choose House De Arch for its team of skilled architects, interior designers, and engineers with extensive experience and a proven track record in the industry.
  • Innovative Design: House De Arch is known for its creative and innovative design solutions that transform spaces, creating captivating and unique environments.
  • Timely Completion: Customers appreciate House De Arch's commitment to finishing projects on time without compromising on quality, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

SOLID Furniture

SOLID Furniture offers timeless elegance and durability with its collection of solid wood furniture. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each piece showcases the natural beauty and strength of the finest wood. From classic designs to modern creations, SOLID Furniture brings warmth and sophistication to every space.


SOLID Light illuminates spaces with brilliance and style, offering a stunning range of lighting solutions. Designed with a focus on quality and functionality, each fixture exudes elegance and enduring appeal. From contemporary designs to traditional classics, SOLID Light transforms any room into a captivating and well-lit haven.


SOLID PDLC revolutionizes privacy and convenience with its innovative smart glass technology. Switchable between transparent and opaque states, SOLID PDLC provides instant privacy at the touch of a button. Ideal for offices, homes, and commercial spaces, this cutting-edge product combines elegance, functionality, and energy efficiency in a seamless package.

House De Arch boasts SOLID furniture, SOLID Light, and SOLID PDLC for bespoke, quality products delivered punctually. Recognized as the prime interior design company in Bangladesh, our diverse team of skilled architects, designers, and staff adeptly handles an array of projects. From residential and commercial to religious and multinational spaces, including hospitals and diagnostic centers, House De Arch excels. We proudly serve as the Authorized Distributor for BeauLet products and ARCA CO. LTD services from Japan, enhancing our commitment to excellence and innovation. Your destination for top-tier interior-exterior design and real estate solutions – welcome to House De Arch.


House De Arch’s transformative design turned our SkyTech office into an inspiring workspace. Their attention to detail and creative vision exceeded our expectations. A remarkable team delivering exceptional results.

Musnad E Ahmed
Founder, SkyTech Solutions

House De Arch’s brilliance illuminated the Navy convention hall inside and out. Their artistic prowess and architectural expertise crafted a stunning, functional space that leaves a lasting impression. Remarkable work!

Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed
Former Chief of Naval Staff

House De Arch’s exceptional work revitalized our Gadget and Gear retail store. Their innovative design and impeccable execution created an inviting and modern shopping experience. Highly recommended!

Nure Alam Shimu
Managing Partner & CEO

Sister Concern

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